Collection: Pen Wraps

Pen Wraps are sized to fit InkJoy Gel Pens, can be trimmed to fit other size pens too!

Clear Pen Wraps are see-though, the lighter the color of the decal, the lighter color you will need to use under it. Think of these decals like stain glass. You can see-though it.

Opaque or White Pen Wraps are made with a white backing vinyl and are not see though at all. These can be places on top of any color.

How to apply:
Prepare your pen, add you glitter or inks or whatever you are designing.
(Lighter colors are preferred when using clear pen wraps)
Epoxy till you have a smooth finish, no sanded surfaces.
Apply your Pen Wrap. Use care to not get air bubbles under your decal
Finish with final layer of epoxy. 

It is the customers responsibility to use these and all products available in Alana's Gift Shop correctly. Refunds and returns are not accepted due to misuse or mess up of any products.